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 There is a number of ways our Splitter Creek Veneer stone can be installed.  Ultimately, the installation will be based on what you are adhering our stone to. Our stone can be adhered to almost any product, with the exception of siding and tar based exterior sheeting  Eg. tentest. Below we have included several links that show you exactly how our products should be installed. There have been some discussions in regards to a weeping void behind veneer stone however, we DO NOT recommend this in Canadian climates. The first reason for this is that moisture can build up and slowly freeze.  Over time the freezing and thawing tends to build up ice, which in turn causes the stone to blow off the wall. Secondly, all of these membranes or weeping materials remain flexible.  This will cause the mortars to crack, causing big problems with the whole system.  Below we have organized the installation process in categories. Select your category and you will be directed to your application system.  By following that system you will have a beautiful project that will last you a lifetime. 

Installation system 1

 If you are installing our stone on to:

* Exterior installations *

 ~ Concrete 


 ~Existing brick

 ~ Cinder block

Installation system 2

If you are installing our stone to:

*Interior applications*

~ Drywall,Concrete board.

~ Existing brick or concrete

~ Plywood, particle board, osb 

Installation system 3

If you are installing  our stone to:


~Exterior and high heat applications

MVMA Installation Guide

  This guide is an extensive overview for different scenarios that one may encounter while constructing a new home or renovating an old one.

   This guide will help you with all the particulars required to meet ASTM standards.



For more information on our approved spec mix products
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